I'm Dr. Shelley

I love sunrise walks, time with my cats and living on the edge.

Loves life and nature.
Dances with an open heart. 
Shares her fun and wit.
Inspires with words and music.
Creates growth experiences.
Believes style comes from within. 

Inspired to help women worldwide step into their power, my life mission is to ignite the transformational journey in everyone I meet. As an elite level mindset coach I help my clients unfold their truest self to do their greatest work in the world. 

I help high achieving women unlock their genius, 10X their income, and claim the success they want and deserve. My groundbreaking, Self-Mastery to Riches Academy, is a 12-month transformational coaching experience which helps women break free from their inner blocks and self-criticism to become the woman of their dreams.

My holistic approach to coaching gets to the root cause, so that my clients can build a solid foundation to easily create their future. Backsliding and stopping and starting are a thing of the past. Once women learn this system and implement the tools consistently, they become unstoppable!

My eclectic career path began in textiles, clothing, and fashion. I then pivoted to the study of natural health and wellness. I performed massage and body-mind healing therapies until I eventually became a wholistic chiropractor. One of my great passions was to help my patients release the emotional patterns they had held onto for years, empowering them to take charge and live productive, successful, fulfilling lives.

I’ve navigated life's ups and downs with great success until a final wakeup call brought me to the awareness of a long-time pattern of codependency. The biggest challenge of my life became my greatest breakthrough. Overcoming this served to ultimately fuel my passion to help other women thrive beyond adversity and create the life they truly want and deserve.

Hello There

Salmon Nigiri with Avocado, Tempura Veggies and Mango Ice Cream.


Taking in the smells and feeling the energy of a new day at sunrise. 

part of the day


Swing Dancing and Improv Acting Classes. 



Spa Days, Facials, and Massages with Essential Oils. 

guilty pleasures


Textiles and fashion tour of Ireland, England, Scotland, Italy, and Paris. One week with my mentor, Bob Proctor, on the Big Island of Kona, Hawaii. The Northern Highlands and Spiritual Community of Findhorn, Scotland.

places i've been



My clients…the moment the clouds lift from their eyes, and they connect with their truest self, to shine for the world to see.

part of my job


my favorite things

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