Are you ready to leave the past behind, let go of what others think, and start living life on your terms?

Does this sound like you?

You know what to do but you don’t do it.

You know you need to be doing something different, but you feel stuck in overwhelm, procrastination and self-doubt.

You try to change but just stay the same.

you know

you are capable of so much more, yet you don’t know how to get there.


like you need help but don’t know where to turn.

Can you imagine

how it would feel to know how to handle any problem or situation you are faced with?

What Your Life Could Be Like:

You have a crystal clear vision of your purpose and what you want.

Develop Unshakable Confidence.

Love Yourself Unconditionally.

Solid belief in yourself. 

Have a deep passion for living and your dreams and goals.

Embrace your fears as an exciting part of your journey.

i'm dr. shelley nash


Just 9 years ago I hit rock bottom following the end of a relationship

...and subsequent awareness of my patterns of codependency. Overcoming and rising above this was the biggest challenge and greatest gift I have ever received. It fueled a passion in me to help other women take back their power and live the life they truly deserve.

It's time for you to

live the life

meant to live.

Respond vs. react in difficult situations.

Have a new sense of calm about you that others notice.

Make decisions by yourself quickly and easily.

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Just imagine





Move to your next level and beyond with ease

Take charge of your life from the inside out


Claim your power to create the life you deserve.

Unlock your genius to 10x your income. 

When you know who you are and your greater purpose you can harness the power to take charge of your life.

i'm all in!


Cleaning up the past, letting go of resentment, forgiveness, taking full responsibility, nurturing your inner child.

Building a Foundation for Success

Finding Your Genius

Discovering your unique power words that are your genius, what you have always been doing and will continue to do during your time here. Discovering the core of who you are and what you are here to do.

What's inside:

Discovering Your Purpose

Igniting Your Passion

Thinking Into Results

Setting Your Big Juicy Goal

Creating a Winner's Image

Your plan for your life. Where you are going. The peak of your mountain. Create a Map of how to achieve your purpose and set goals that are like base camps to get to along the way.

Release the well of passion buried deep inside you and let it flow like an uncontrolled geyser.

The purpose of a goal is to grow.  Set a BIG goal that scares you and helps you to grow. Understand the different types of goals.

12 life-changing lessons from Bob Proctor, the master teacher in personal development. A unique coaching system with the teachings of Bob Proctor. His 60 years of intense study into the science of success and wealth creation has enabled him to create a transformational system that dramatically changes the course of people’s lives. These are concepts known by very few and based on how the top successful people in the world, past and present, think, feel and operate.

Create An Empowered Script for Your LIfe, Become the Star of Your Own Life. Powerful Mirror Work.

Style Your Life

The most important thing in developing your unique personal style is to know who you are and what you want to express to the world. Most women skip this part and create an image that doesn't fit their true self. This creates confusion and doesn't help them to achieve the success they want. You will receive all the tools you need to be in charge of your style and the impression you make.

how Self-Mastery To Riches ACADEMY differs from other programs

a solid foundation

Self-Mastery To Riches Academy begins by making sure you build a solid foundation so that nothing will knock you down again. 

It is the first of its kind that not only teaches you how to scale your life after adversity, it also enables you to breakthrough to higher levels of success.

Discovery of your magnificence and all you are capable of with this self-study program. Use of the law of attraction, affirmations, and vibration to lift your energy and create the life you truly want. Breakthrough: Release the old, untrue beliefs, habits, and behaviors. Stop/Overcome self-sabotage. Understand the only limit is you and you can change. 


bonus 1

10 Coloring Mandalas, Instruction and Inspiration. A way to have fun while processing your inner work. Mandala in sanskrit means ‘container of sacred essence’. “I believe that developing a relationship with your ‘creative self’ can help facilitate profound healing of the body, mind and spirit.” Dr. Shelley Nash.


bonus 2

22 motivational messages, beautiful images, and inspirational quotes to lift your spirits and support you on your journey.

bonus 3


Upon release, you’ll be among the first to receive a copy of Dr. Shelley’s book.

bonus 4



bonus 5

6 week program covering the 6 faculties of the mind with daily and weekly lessons from Master teachers; Bob Proctor, Mary Morrisey and Sandy Gallagher. A $500 Value for FREE when they Pay In Full.

When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of almost $22,000!

But you can enroll today for an investment of only $15,000.

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Payment Plan

Twelve Monthly Payments

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12 payments of $1400

One Payment 

Best Value

1 payment of $15,000

Best Value!

select the plan that works for you:

You have tried many other methods or systems and nothing is helping you. You feel like you are at the end of your rope.

You don’t know where else to turn to get the help you need to make the shift you desire.

Self-Mastery To Riches 

is PERFECT for you if…

You know deep down that you are meant for more, you just can’t seem to get there on your own and you are ready for help.

You know you need a mentor, coach, support and accountability to make changes that you haven't been able to do on your own.

You are tired of going it alone and want help and support and a community of like minded women to go through the changes together.


There are no accidents. You attracted this to you because it is right for you. Remember, when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

Don’t let another year go by before you are living the life you deserve.

I'm ready!

I designed the program for your complete transformation. I want to have enough time with you to guide you through the natural ups and downs of changing your habits. The program is chocked full of in depth study that takes time for you to absorb and build greater awareness. It is designed so that you have support and accountability to make the changes that will have the greatest effect on our success.

I recommend you carve out 30 minutes morning and night, as well as a larger chunk of time at night or on the weekend. The more time you put in completing assignments and studying, as a rule, the more you get out and the more transformation you will have. You are really studying you.

I have done a lot of personal growth, read a lot of self-help books, and had coaches before with little long term results. I am afraid this will be the same, how do I know if this will work for me?

My best answer is that I was in the same place as you. I had done over 30 years of personal growth, many self-help books, studied with many of the great teachers and even though I learned a lot and got somewhat better there was still a missing piece. I literally learned the secret that put it all together from Bob Proctor and then everything else I had learned made sense. All of the work I have done my entire career you get from me including the teachings of Bob Proctor that changed my life and I am sure it will change yours too. Trust me this will make a difference for you and if you fully apply yourself you will need a telescope to look back at who you were a year from now.

Self-Mastery To Riches Academy is a comprehensive transformational coaching experience. When you are coachable, fully apply yourself and complete all the assignments you will get the best results. It is a consecutive process that builds month to month as you grow in understanding and awareness. You will keep learning more every time you review the lessons. You learn by repetition which is a key aspect we use. Accountability, support and group coaching help you stay on track as well as developing friendships of like minded people.

No, there are no refunds. Your payments are due every month whether you stay all year or not. It is very common that a certain aspect of your mind will try to talk you out of your decision after you make it, especially if it involves money. We call this your paradigm. This part of your mind wants things to stay the same. It wants you to stay safe, comfortable and not rock the boat. As soon as you do something out of the norm, it goes a little crazy and even gets louder. It tries to talk you out of what you just did. It may even appear out of the voices of friends or relatives. You will learn about your paradigm as you study with me, yet for now you have to trust me that I expect it to come up for you that is why I am glad you asked this question. It happens to me too yet now I know what it is and I know that I can over power it or just tell it to go away. When I know that what I am doing is in alignment with my purpose and goals decisions become much easier.

You are guaranteed to have results if you fully commit to the program. If you are coachable, jump all in, and do the work you will change so much you won’t even recognize a good way!

Do you offer a refund if I change my mind?

How does your program work to create transformation for me?

how do I know if this will work for me?

How much time do I need to invest every day, every week?

Why is the program a whole year?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Self-Mastery To Riches Academy 

Payment Plan

Twelve Monthly Payments

most flexible

12 payments of $1400

One Payment 

Best value

1 payment of $15,000

Best Value!

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